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​​Brunch Baby, Brunch

‘BRUNCH BABY, BRUNCH’ Offers brunch events where NYC families and kids can enjoy a great brunch meal together. The Live DJ spins the perfect blend of kid-friendly tunes mixed with songs parents love. There are free toy giveaways, raffle prizes, stroller parking, padded play area ‘dance floor’ and brunch cocktail specials for parents. Best of all, KIDS EAT FREE! Every month we have an amazing line-up of sponsors and special guests:.

Christopher and Victoria Anderson are the parents of two girls (Leah, 6 yrs & Ella, 5 yrs.) who currently reside in Union Square. Both have backgrounds in the music industry where Christopher is a DJ/Music Producer and former Radio Promotions Director. Victoria is a former Booking Agent and has also had extensive Management and Public Relations experience in the music business. In recent years, Christopher has become a beverage sales representative for both on and off premise locations in various Manhattan territories. Victoria now works at Gap Corporate office in Merchandising. Their music industry background combined with recent career experience provide an excellent combination of talent and knowledge to make this type of event successful. The idea of “Brunch Baby, Brunch” was born from the nightclub /day brunch business model from which both Christopher and Victoria have had great success with over the years. The basic business concept is drawing a niche crowd to a venue for an ‘event’ through direct marketing, promotion and networking. As the event builds and grows popularity, the crowd grows proportionally. As the new chapter of parenthood recently began for the Andersons, they discovered a new world of young parents in their own backyard in and around Union Square. They also discovered very few restaurants in the area were stroller-friendly, and eating out was no longer a relaxing experience. The two discoveries put together set off a light bulb resulting in the idea of “Brunch Baby, Brunch”.

Our brunch features a Live DJ that spins great sets as you enjoy your meal. We play everything from Top 40 to Kidz Bop and kids are welcomed to grab a maraca and dance in the aisles. Our ever popular Disney Jr./Nick Jr. Megamix has the TV theme songs your kids know and love and adults find themselves singing along as well. But don't worry...we blend in classic old school hits parents love as well...coz we know if you hear Mickey Mouse's 'Hot Dog' song one more time you'll jump out the window.

​New York City’s premiere family friendly monthy brunch featuring Live DJ spinning a perfect mix of kid- friendly songs and music parents love. ‘Brunch Baby, Brunch’ offers a casual and fun vibe while enjoying a meal with family

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Brunch Baby Brunch